The Princess's Diary

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Who is princess
Marina de Bourbon?

Royalty, a woman with artistic sensitivity, an aesthete full of grace and wit.

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« I got married on May 9, 1960 in the Villefranche sur Mer chapel, where the walls had just been painted by Jean Cocteau. »

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« My first perfume »

« My favourite colours: white and blue »

Princess Marina de Bourbon
Brand Expertise

300 years of elegance passed down from queens to princesses all the way down to Princess Marina.
3 major secrets…that I will share with you right away…

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« What I appreciate most about my friends is their kindness »

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« My favourite paintings: the Impressionists »


Harmony in its most natural, fresh and unadorned form.

"My perfumes evoke floral elements, zesty or fruity scents, woody, herbal and spicy aromas…"

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« My favourite virtues: Charity and Courage »


« From 1975 to 1978, I worked as director of a flagship boutique that sold luxury Parisian ready-to-wear in St Germain des Près. This career choice was quite audacious in the eyes of my family. However, I was drawn to this world and wanted to experience it from the inside. »

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« My favourite author: Stendhal "The Red and the Black"! »

« My favourite bird: Red robin »

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« My favourite historical heroines: Empress Zita and Sister Emmanuelle »

The Commitment

To kindle the desire to discover this refined world, its natural elegance that all women aspire to, no matter their nationality,
age or cultural background.

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Image princesse

« My mother-in-law, Princess Marguerite of Denmark, was a major role model for me in my youth. She adored me and took me with her everywhere. It was a very prolific and fabulous era. »

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« The quality I prefer in women: Kindness »

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« In 1968, I opened a decoration and antiques store on 8 rue de Mirosmesnil, near place Beauvau and became a decorator until 1975. »

Carte Boutique
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« After my marriage in 1960, I fully delved into luxurious bookbinding and picture framing and set up shop on the rue du Cherche-Midi at St Germain des Prés, which propelled into the world of Creation and business. My goal is to create beauty by drawing inspiration from my traditions. »

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« My favourite poets: Cocteau, Baudelaire »

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« My favourite musician: Django Reinhardt »

« My husband André was a man who was able to successively work as a mechanic, tractor operator, agricultural engineer and spear fisherman… »

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« Guy Laroche designed my wedding dress, a true princess gown in silk seersucker with a train… and my hair was styled by Alexandre, who came to my wedding »

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Founding Values





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« My favourite leisure activity: gardening »

« I warmly invite all women to join me in the world I have created, where women serenely blossom like the flowers in my garden! »

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« My main character trait: Energy and Audacity »


A Passion for Beauty, devoted to Art and all creative forms, whether in nature or in mankind…


"Beauty surrounds us, both revealed and hidden, it is the pillar of my existence! My perfume bottles are fashioned by the greatest master glaziers of the crystal industry. They are displayed in luxurious box sets and cases. A true reminiscence of the XVIIIth century Perfumers and the craftsmen of fashion for the Royal Court of Versailles."

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« The quality I prefer in men: Sincerity »

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« I love to laugh and sometimes explain that Marina comes from the sea and Bourbon from Whisky! »

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Authenticity, to be oneself. This requires assurance and self-confidence.

"I like my perfumes to bear a unique signature, a trail that is solely mine!"

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« I have 3 children and 5 grandchildren... I have taught them to be true to their word as well  as respect others and the love of their lives. »

« My dream of happiness: my children »

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« If my ancestors could see the world today, I believe that they would be astounded by the fast paced lifestyle and would surely be sceptical about our society's ethics. For example, the notion of giving one's word, courage, work well done and things that last. »

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« The country where I would love to live: France! »

« The certitude of being at the heart of elegance in all circumstances »

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« My husband André was tall and svelte. He had an ironic eye and the composure of an Anglo-Saxon! The descendant of French Kings Saint Louis XIV and Henri IV, as well as Spanish and Italian Kings via his father Prince René de Bourbon Parme, André was also the son of Princess Marguerite of Denmark, the cousin of King Fréderix IX. »

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