International visit of Princess Marina de Bourbon Parme in Jeddah - Saoudi Arabia april 2017

After the huge success of the brand in Saudi Arabia in 2016, the Princess Marina de Bourbon Parme made her way for the first time in this country, in the famous city of jeddah.

Hani Ali Bugshan Perfumes Est. hosted a Royal French Exclusive Event with the company of the Princess Marina De Bourbon Parme.


A special reception was held in the Residence of Consulate of France, where the Princess conducted the event with her passion for tradition, modernity and elegance.


Famous Saoudi Arabian beauty bloggers and special guests were treated to exclusive sneak peeks of the Princess with one-on-one conversation. It was a special occasion to discuss about the brand and taking exclusive selfies with the Princess!

All the guest enjoyed an insightful experience in intimacy with the Princess and discovered her world and passion for elegant scents and fragrances.


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